YXE Professional Live Stream Video Production

Affordable, Quality Live Streaming

Weddings, Events, Concerts, Funerals, Conferences, Podcasts, Interviews, Church Services. 

Live Show Recording
Video Camera

Our Live Stream Service Includes

-1 or 2 Camera Operators 

-1 Stream Operator

-3 x 4K HD Cameras

-Streaming of Projector, Screen, Graphics

-Professionally mixed audio from multiple sources

Pricing & Reservation

Basic Package

Includes 30 min. of Set up, 15 min. of Take Down & 45 minutes of Live Streaming with 1 Camera Operator and 1 Stream Operator

$299 + Tax

Add - Ons 

Additional Live Stream Time $100/hr. 

Extra Camera Operator



$0.35/km - Round Trip 


50% Deposit to Reserve Date

50% Due on Day of Event


Discounts will be applied to longer Events (4+ Hours) and Re-occurring events. Contact us for details.

Zooming Camera

About Me

What a ride it's been. So much has happened in the last while. To all my new followers and friends and for the people who have known me for a while, I want to re introduce myself to you. My name is Andrew Florizone, I am 24 years old from Vonda Saskatchewan some of my friends call me Andy or Florizoneyyy, I love the outdoors, sports, travel and creating new experiences. I started my bussiness Xsight Photography & Cinemas 4 years ago. In the beginning I really didn't think it would ever amount to what it is today. I began with photographing a friends engagement and my sisters kids, 4 months later my sister got married on New Years Eve and I filmed my very first wedding film. With a little bit of advertising I was able to book 9 weddings in my first year and 22 weddings the following year, I have been blessed to be able to travel to all corners of the province capturing weddings on farms, lakes and other special places. Over these last 3 years I have taken several trips with friends and by myself. Mexico, Lake Louise, Invermere, Taiwan, Vancouver, Sun Peaks ,Peru & Costa Rica have all influenced the man I am becoming and the vision and future of Xsight. This year has been full of brand new endeavours such as Festivals, Music Videos and Promotional Videos. I continually want to spend time connecting with like minded people and sharing love in this wonderful world. It took me a while to get here but I truely think I have found my passion and purpose in what I do, I am beyond excited for the future. Through my art I hope I can inspire you to live this life to the absolute fullest and make your wildest dreams a reality. So much is possible when we believe and trust in the process. Thank you for being a part of this ever unfolding story. ❤